Multi 100 - Multi Purpose Sanding and Polishing Tool Kit


The Multi 100 is ideal for maintenance and production work and for quick removal of materials, shaping, deburring, surface polishing and reconditioning. It has outstanding strength and is reliabe, versatile and convenient.


  • power - pneumatic 10.500 rpm at 90 psi or 9.700 rpm at 80 psi
  • safety switch
  • compact and well balanced. Ultra -low vibrations running well below 2.5ms sp. r.m.s and effective silencing
  • multi directional swivel air exhaust


Multi-100 Pneumatic tool only
Multi-100K Kit including pneumatic tool, strong plastic case, 3 pads, 10 consumables, adapters and quick release disc holder.


A  76mm Abrasive quick release disc
(grit 40, 120, 240)
B  76mm Finishing, non-woven nylon quick release disc
(fine, coarse)
C  76mm Abrasive non-woven nylon quick release disc
D Pads for grinding option, not supplied with tool
E  102mm Abrasive non-woven nylon wheel (coarse)
F  102mm Abrasive layered disc
G  102mm Wool wheel

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