Seco Sticks

Seco Sanding Sticks - for engineering and industrial use, DIY, decorating and craft/hobbies. Suitable for use on most materials.

Seco Abrasive Sanding Sticks are available in 4 widths: 6mm, 12mm, 19mm, and 50mm. They are very comfortable to handle and make for economical use of abrasive belts.


  • Innovative, yet very simple - low cost item
  • Easy control for precision work.
  • Access difficult areas, internal angles, corners, curved surfaces and flat faces.
  • Operate coarse (60 grit), medium (120 grit) and fine (240 grit) abrasive belts
  • Spring-loaded to keep belt taut
  • Rotate belt with thumb and finger to expose fresh abrasive
  • Replace belt by pressing down on spring

Seco sticks are an ingenious solution to hand sanding and come in a variety of sizes and grits. They provide easy control for precision work. When the surface of the sander is worn, the belt can be rotated to provide a totally fresh surface. The shape of the Seco Stick has been specially designed to present variable surfaces, a fine end for tight work, a large flat area for surface sanding and a rounded edge to reduce scuff marks. The sticks come fitted with 120 grit belts but 60 grit and 240 grit belts can also be purchased.


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