Weld Cleaning - Consumables

The ElectoWand Combi operates pads (socks) and a special long life brush. It has no pump action. Instead the pad or brush is dipped into a container of acid. A non spill bowl  is provided as part of the Kit. There are a number of advantages to operating a weld cleaning model with no pumping action. Pump models encourage excessive use of solution. Non-pump models have a much simpler design, no requirement for a pump PCB or costly replacement of switch/handle connectors and components.

Supply of Consumables

ElectroWand Solution is available in containers of five litres 

ElectroWand Neutralising Agent is available in convenient to hold 1 litre spray containers

Pads are supplied in convenient units of 20 or bags of 200 or 500 loose pads if you are a heavy user. 

Long Life Brushes can be purchased in quantities of 10, 30 or 50

Attractive discounts apply when purchasing quantities of loose pads/quantities of brushes

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