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Seco Engineering is a family run and independently owned company which has been producing quality power tools in the UK since 1971. Seco designs and produces tools which improve production efficiency, address vital safety issues and maximise safety and operator comfort features.

Seco's diverse range of grinding, bevelling and finishing tools have always been remarkably innovative. No other manufacturer on the International Market has such a comprehensive, versatile and innovative range of similar products. Seco led the way in developing tools with highly efficient dust collection, greatly reduced noise levels, and exceedingly low vibration levels.

Quality is key to Seco's success, manufacturing products with impressive durability and life, whilst remaining realistically affordable. The astonishingly high performance and reliability of our products is due to the design and precision with which they are created. Great care is taken by all of Seco's highly skilled and experienced team of engineers. Each tool undergoes thorough testing prior to dispatch. Customer and sales support provide the very highest level of service, ensuring that customers obtain the most suitable products and services for their immediate and long-term needs. 
Seco's premises are located in Fleet, Hampshire (40 minutes by car from London Heathrow Airport). We encourage visitors to our demonstration facilities (please provide prior notice) to view and operate our tools and to witness the benefits of our tools.

Seco Engineering's devotion with constantly developing and upgrading it's product range ensures that it will always remain at the forefront of grinding and finishing techniques.

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