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Beltit Arms

Seco Belt Grinder arms

There are a huge variety of arms manufactured by Seco for you to get the best from your Beltit. These specialised arms come in many shapes and sizes to fit a variety of belts and to best suit the intended purpose of your Beltit.

Due to the large variety of Beltits available, arms are specifically designed for use with certain Beltits. The arm types have been divided into four categories:

GROUP A ARMS; use with the market entry Pneumatic Beltit Beltafile (BF)

GROUP B ARMS; use with the Universal range of Pneumatic (SH) and Electric (240V & 110V) Beltits

GROUP C ARMS; use with the Advanced range Pneumatic (ML) and Electric (240V & 110V) Beltits

GROUP D ARMS; Use with the Heavy Duty range of Pneumatic (HD) and Electric (240V & 110V) Beltits. A selection of different arms for heavy duty and industrial work.

Bench Beltit Arms

BENCH BELTIT ARMS; for use with the Double Bench Beltit.

Replacement Wheel and Bearing Assemblies for Arms

We offer a large range of replacement wheel and bearing assemblies available in an extensive number of shapes, widths, diameters, materials and hardness.

All of our replacement assemblies are easy to fit. This enables the operator to get the best out of their Beltit. All wheels will eventually wear, therefore the availability of easy to fit replacement wheel and bearing assemblies is essential. Seco's wheels, bearings and shaft/pins are interchangeable with several tools available on the international market, including Dynabrade and ATA tools. All of Seco's spare parts are very competitively priced and available off the shelf.

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