Belt Grinders - Spare Parts and Accessories

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Seco has a large selection of belts varying in length, width, grit, and material (abrasive, felt, nylon finishing, and Scotchbrite). An extensive range of abrasive belts are held in stock for quick and easy despatch. Very coarse belts (P36, P40, P60) can be used for heavy duty grinding for quick stock removal. Medium grit belts (P80 - P240) are for general use. Use fine grit (P320+) to achieve fine finishes.

Polishing belts are made of felt and are used to achieve a near mirror finish on a surface such as ceramic, glass or stainless steel.

Non woven nylon finishing belts provide for a variety of finishes, they are available in coarse (brown), medium (maroon) and fine (blue). Use for graining and regraining on stainless steel.

Due to varying lengths and widths all belts have to be used with the corresponding arms.

Seco Belt Grinder Belts

Platen Pads for Beltits and Other Makes of Belt Grinders

A range of self adhesive platen pads are available to enable the operator to achieve their best work from their Beltit. Seco's platen pads are interchangeable with several tools available on the international market, including Dynabrade and ATA tools. All of Seco's spare parts are competitively priced and readily available.

Platen Pads for Beltits and other makes of belt grinders


Use Cork platen pads for grinding (to achieve quickest stock removal).

Use Foam platen pads for finishing and blending (to achieve smooth surface finish).

Use Teflon platen pads for working difficult to access applications (avoids causing excessive wear on Beltit arms.

Part Numbers:

Part No. Product Qty.
51010 Platen pads 12mm wide, Foam Pack of 6
51011 Platen pads 12mm wide, Cork Pack of 6
51012 Platen pads 12mm wide, Teflon Pack of 6
51020 Platen pads 19mm wide, Foam Pack of 6
51021 Platen pads 19mm wide, Cork Pack of 6
51022 Platen pads 19mm wide, Teflon Pack of 6
51030 Platen pads 25mm wide, Cork Pack of 12
51031 Platen pads 25mm wide, Cork Pack of 12
51032 Platen pads 25mm wide, Graphite Pack of 12
51030/30 Platen pads 30mm wide, Foam Pack of 12
51031/30 Platen pads 30mm wide, Cork Pack of 12


Drive Wheels for Beltits

Ceramic Coated and Rubber Drive Wheels for Beltit tools.

Drive wheels for Beltits

Premier and Classic Beltits:

Part No. Product
52222 Drive wheel for "Beltit Beltafile" BF12
52222/20 Drive wheel for "Beltit Beltafile" BF20
51222B Drive wheel for Pneumatic "Universal" Beltit (SH)
E1-14B Drive wheel for Electric "Universal" Beltit
E1-14 Drive wheel for Electric "Advanced" and "Heavy Duty" Beltits.
51222 Drive wheel for Pneumatic "Advanced" and "Heavy Duty" Beltits

Double Bench Beltit: (DBB)

Part No. Product
51222SP Soft rubber drive wheel
51222HP Hard rubber drive wheel
51222CP Ceramic drive wheel

Cover guard for Beltits:

Part No. Product
70012B Cover guard for fitting to smaller mechanism housings.
70012E Cover guard for fitting to larger 'Standard' Beltit mechanism housing.

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