Seco Belt Grinders - Quality and Reliability

Quality and Reliability

Seco tools are recognised for their reliability and performance. No other manufacturer has such a comprehensive, versatile and innovative range of similar products.

Powerful Performance

Our tools are built to provide industry with long lasting and cost-effective solutions.

Large Range of Interchangeable Arm Attachments

There are over 100 Beltit arms, which can be quickly interchanged. The arms have different lengths and shapes and have wheels that are made of different materials and are different widths and diameters.

Large Range of Interchangeable Motors

Seco has a large range of electric and pneumatic motors. Motors are easy and straightforward to interchange and are adjustable through 360 degrees for operator comfort.

Pre-Drilled Bodies for Mounting

Many Beltits can be mounted onto robots, lathes and benches. All bodies being predrilled for this purpose.

Wide Choice of Consumables

There are a wide range of consumables that can be operated on the Beltit. Abrasive belts for grinding. Cork, felt, cotton and non-woven belts for polishing and finishing.

Simple Repair Service

Beltits are exceedingly reliable and will offer many years of sustained high performance work. Simple design enables the user to carry out his own repairs if required. Spare parts are made by Seco and are, therefore, readily available.


Safety triggers and guards are fitted as standard to all Beltit models. Dust collecting versions are available on all Beltit B, C & D models.

Exceedingly Low Vibration and Low Noise Levels

All Beltit models have exceedingly low noise and vibration levels.All models have vibration levels below 2.5 m/s² rms.

Operator Comfort

Many features to assist operator comfort and control. There are a variety of handle and multi-positional options. Insulated handles to prevent cold hands. 360 degree swivel enables operators to choose an angle best suited to the work. Strain on the operator is reduced and enables otherwise inaccessible work to be comfortably undertaken.

Ease of Belt Changing

The Beltit is fitted with a "lock back" device for very quick belt loading.

Longer Abrasive Life

Abrasive belts last a long time when used on a Beltit. Exhaust air is blown onto both sides of the belt thus cooling it (a cool belt lasts longer than a hot belt). The straighter drive prevents the belt twisting and reduces wear to the edge of the belt. The absence of belt slippage on the drive wheel also gives longer belt life.

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