Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning (Weld Discolouration Removal)

ElectroWand Combi - MK2

For quick removal of weld burn/weld discolouration on TIG stainless steel.

The ElectroWand Combi uses a mild chemical solution which is less hazardous than traditional acid baths and pickling pastes. A chemical neutralizing agent is available which reduces the cleaning solution to a harmless salt solution. The cleaning process encourages passivation, so stainless steel remains stainless.

Flexible: The EW Combi operates both paddle and sock for fast, effective cleaning and a brush for awkward corners and confined spaces.

Portable and Light:  Dimensions - 242mm x 142mm x 145mm. Weight - 9 kilos.

Simple to Operate:  The EW Combi has a variable control that enables the operator to use either the paddle/sock or brush. The power control can be altered to suit the application.

Adjustable and User Friendly: The power control module allows for the operator to choose exactly how much cleaning power is produced.

Safe and Reliable: The EW Combi MK2 is designed and built by Finishing Solutions Ltd in the UK. Robust construction and very reliable. The EW Combi is protected by external fuses and a resetable thermal trip.

  • say goodbye to hazardous and unpleasant traditional pickling pastes/acid baths
  • instant cleaning of weld discolouration - the surface is left unmarked by the cleaning process 
  • available in 110V and 240V
  • very reliable and very simple to operate.
  •  proven success - ElectroWands have been manufactured by Finishing Solutions in the UK since 1998.

EW Combi Kits are supplied with all necessary accessories and a selection of consumables.

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